The Invisible Interface: Designing the Screenless Experience

with Avi Itzkovitch

Avi Itzkovitch

As product designers and developers we are now challenged to create interactions for physical objects; beyond designing for the touch screen, we are now designing for the experience, and the experience becomes the product. But what are these experiences look like?

In this presentation you will learn how to think beyond the traditional screen output and consider that technology is all around us. From a screen-based thinking to designing for a world where technology and the experience is core.

Speaker Avi itzkovitch will give examples of how we can interact with technology without using any screens, show how human behavior is becoming the interface, highlight how we can interact with screenless devices, introduce the concept of ambient information display and discuss how to design meaningful interactions for the connected world.

Avi's Bio:

Avi Itzkovitch is the owner of IoT News Network, an independent resource for the Internet of Things, and is a longtime interactive and web design professional with thirteen years of experience.

The author of Design-It-Yourself: Web Sites (Rockport Publishers, 2003), Avi is an avid enthusiast of technology and is often invited to speak about emerging design and UX trends. Avi is currently working as an Independent UI/UX Consultant at his studio, XG Media.

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