Product requirements through workshops

with Iga Mościchowska

Iga Mościchowska

Product requirements through workshops with Iga Mościchowska from ACE! Conferences on Vimeo.

Asking users what they want doesn't work. But neither does asking the business what they need. However, there's a way of making the process of gathering the requirements more engaging, less painful and with more satisfying results. It's workshops - with the team, the business or/and the end users.

Learn about the methods and tools you can use in a workshop, the benefits you can experience, the problems you may overcome and the outcomes you may expect. Learn how to engage others in the design process to gather miningful data.

Iga's Bio:

Interaction designer and user researcher with nearly 10 years of experience, currently helping companies to develop UX skills and build UX awareness in their organisations, working as a trainer, facilitator and consultant.

Co-author of a bestselling Polish book about the role of research in user experience and product design (Badania jako podstawa projektowania user experience, 2015, PWN). Supervisor and author of a program of User Experience & Product Design studies on AGH University of Science and Technology.

She founded one of the top UX agencies in Poland, where she managed a team of 10 passionate and competent UX designers and researchers, working for great clients from Poland, Europe and US, like eBay Classifieds, Tauron, KGHM Polska Miedź S.A., NC+, Opera Software, Vattenfall.

She's a lecturer on the top Polish universities, teaching students in the field of UX design, usability and user research. She trained over 25 IT and product teams in user centered design (IBM, Capgemini, eurobank,, Red Sky, COI, Avon) and she's a Google Launchpad expert coaching startups.

She’s the president of local branch of CHI Polska association and co-host of UX Wroclaw barcamps. She runs Warsztaty UX - the most practical UX workshops. She was an initiatior and co-author of blog, where she wrote over 50 articles about usability, design and UX research.

In the meantime, she's also a mother of two, learning how to build airplanes, cars and robots with LEGO.

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