Let's come to value: finding solutions over finding excuses

with Iwona Cymerman

Iwona Cymerman

Let's come to value: finding solutions over finding excuses with Iwona Cymerman from ACE! Conferences on Vimeo.

We all attend great conferences, we appreciate outstanding talks and inspiring speakers. New ideas rise in our heads – we imagine how could our workplace look if all of them were implemented in the companies we work for.

Some of us immediately after the end of the conference, some of us gradually over the following days or weeks, realize the obstacles preventing from introducing new ideas to our workplace - “It can’t work here”, because of a boss, of a group of coworkers, of a system.

There is no single recipe how to overcome all these obstacles. I will present examples from my personal experience how to keep the inspiration from agile-related meetings and conferences alive and how to stay inspired to implement the desired change.

Iwona's Bio:

Iwona Cymerman brings a combination of over 15 years’ experience in the life sciences and 5 years of start-up entrepreneurial leadership and advisory expertise. Her engagement in scientific challenges for a number of years and passion for transformation of ideas into market-viable products have enabled her to develop skills to reliably identify the most promising projects with high marketability potential. She currently runs a company dedicated to the commercialization of the scientific discoveries. She also mentors rising start-ups in the FundingBox Accelerator and recently started an organizational transformation project as an interim manager at the Centre of New Technologies. For more see http://pl.linkedin.com/in/iacymerman.


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