Container Ships and Speedboats

with Janet Bumpas

Janet Bumpas

Container Ships and Speedboats with Janet Bumpas from ACE! Conferences on Vimeo.

Large organizations are often like containerships—big, reliable, and efficient, but they can’t turn quickly. They often see startups as fast speedboats—responsive and nimble operations. And many big companies want to have their own teams move fast like a speedboat, using Lean Startup principles to understand customer needs and validate risky assumptions with market-based data. But often times these fast moving teams get bogged down and stall out. This talk will outline strategies for enterprise organizations to spark and sustain nimble innovation, including case studies of what she has seen work and not work.

Janet's Bio:

Janet Bumpas has extensive experience in creating and scaling new products. She comes from Silicon Valley where she was part of three startups: one went public, one was acquired by eBay/PayPal, and one crashed and burned. Through these experiences, she learned not only the importance of developing a product based on customer needs but the ins and outs of how exactly to take customer feedback and turn it into a functional requirements document that can be built.

In addition to working first-hand to launch products, Janet has consulted many of the world’s leading organizations on growth and profitability strategies. After receiving her MBA from The Harvard Business School, she worked at The Boston Consulting Group, advising Fortune 100 companies. After moving to Silicon Valley, she also worked at Razorfish as a Senior Strategist where she advised corporate clients on how to profitably use the Internet to further their corporate goals. Finally, Janet has been an independent consultant where she has advised CEOs and founders of startups on organizational development, product, and financing strategy.

Currently, she lives in Amsterdam and works for StartupBootcamp where she runs accelerators - three month programs for either startup teams or corporate teams where new ideas are turbo-charged using Lean Startup, Design Thinking, and Jobs-To-Be-Done


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