Delivering Unicorns

with Kasia Mrowca

Kasia Mrowca

Brand new shiny’ project(s), no legacy, everything to build and design from scratch… Dream scenario, innit?

Well, can be a nightmare when under this description is hidden few years old project which is still under ‘construction’ and can’t be used by business/users even though it’s kinda ‘working’. Yep, this means mess and few years legacy code even before going to the production. Yay, what a fun!

But, even if you’re lost in the darkest forest, there is a hope! Always.

During my talk I present the sins that leads to this situation:

-No product vision -Gold plating -Too big backlog

… and cures for them!

Kasia's Bio:

Kasia Mrowca started her IT career programming GPGPUs for econometrics, and her work won the TechAward for the most innovative scientific project in Poland. She then worked as a network admin before moving on to become a product owner. She currently works on an analytics/big data project while working to finish her PhD thesis. In addition to being a data freak, she’s an agile enthusiast and conference-junkie.


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