Let the toaster speak!

with Kuba Kulesza

Kuba Kulesza

Let the toaster speak! with Kuba Kulesza from ACE! Conferences on Vimeo.

For 3 years now we've been working on Wingu - location based content delivery platform, based on IoT technology.

While working on this project we need to solve several problems and obstacles. We found interesting to share our conclusions with you.

During presentation, we will tell you a story about designing huge IoT system, including lean and data-driven design, ethnography research and innovation testing. To give you wider context other projects prepared by our colleagues will be mentioned.

Kuba's Bio:

For five years I've been working as Interaction Designer, currently brainstorming and sketching at EDISONDA.

I had opportunity to design solutions for companies such as Autodesk, ING, Etihad and AirBerlin.

Last time I spent most of my time working on wingu - beacon based project. I've also conducted classes on Interface Design and UX Strategy at AGH University of Science and Technology.

Beside work I focus on independent research project about contemporary status of technology and its influence on human condition. I’m also one of the organizers of World Usability Day conference.

Sponsor: Edisonda

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