Building happy and functional teams!

with Magdalena Firlit

Magdalena Firlit

Building happy and functional teams!

During my professional experience I have met plenty of teams that were happy or unhappy, functional or dysfunctional. Be aware of groups dynamic and find out what sort of dysfunctions might happen to your team. Those things are so important when your goal is to cooperate in great, functional environment. Looking for handy tools for Development team that help them to track their skills? This workshop will also answer to this question! During a workshop participants will become acquired and practice the following:

  • Tuckman model - Phases of group development
  • 5 dysfunctions o a team
  • Skills matrix
  • let the team form by their own.
  • For whom: for Scrum Master, Product Owners, Developers, Managers and everyone interested in groups dynamic. Workshop up to 16 people. 2 hours.

Magdalena's Bio:

Agile Coach, Coach ICF with diploma during accreditation. Mentor ( Trainer. In love with empiricism, experiments and obviously Scrum framework. Passionate about self-organization and motivated, happy teams. 17 years of professional experience, 11 years in IT environment.


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