Feed back on the use of Agile UX methodlogy for SAFe portfolio management

with Rachel Jolin Dubois

Rachel Dubois

I work as an internal Coach for the IT department of the National Agency for Employment in France. I work within a team of 4 internal coaches to supports our teams on the implementation of agile methods (XP, SCRUM, KANBAN), and more precisely on agile at scale (SAFe). Our work over the last months has focused on supporting the maturation of the customer / business need and its expression within the Portfolio, as well as on the integration of UX, Design Thinking and Lean Startup methods.

Cécile, a colleague coach, and I propose to share our experimentation on the topic "How to run a Agile UX project framing".

I've chosen the leanux/lean startup ... track but I'm not sure as it could also fit the second track ; feel free to change it if relevant.

Rachel's Bio:

I am a creative and hardworking Senior Product Manager with proven success in Product Porfolio Management for the IT industry (softwares, online and mobile services). I am a customer oriented resourceful marketing specialist with a reliable « old fashion » work ethic and Agile mindset.

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