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16-18 March 2015
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Past ACE! Conferences

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Alexandru Bolboaca and Maria Diaconu - Yes, You Can Deploy Every Two Days!

We've always thought that the Agile Principles and philosophy make a lot of sense. So, we thought of putting one of them to the test: deliver early and often.

We worked with a few teams and brought them to the point when they deployed every two or three days a new feature, completely tested and automatically updated. We would like to share with the audience the set of practices that we used and how they worked together to optimize the deployment cycle.

You will benefit the most from this talk if you know about agile practices. We believe that this method is especially useful for startups or companies building their own products. If you are part of a corporate environment or of a service company, you may find interesting information to consider for your organization but you may find the whole package less useful.

Alexandru Bolboaca

I like to develop software, and my history shows that I do it well. I've learned it in a real project, with a mentor who slapped my hand whenever I did something wrong. I've tried to continuously improve myself and thus choose to walk the software craftsmanship path.

I like to teach people how to program better and to work side by side with them to build innovative software or solve "impossible" problems while also leveraging their potential. I do not have all the answers, but I like to find the good ones with the help of a team. 

Currently I am working with MosaicWorks at developing the agile and software craftsmanship groups in Romania. Details of this activity are available on www.agileworks.roI also help organizing the local agile conference -

I also provide Unit Testing and Test Driven Development trainings, help groups solve their problems using value stream mapping, do technical coaching and pair programming and others. I've learned many of these techniques by practicing and discussing with much more experienced people, like JB Rainsberger, Corey Haines, David Hussman etc.. 

I am very passionate about software development; you can read about it on my website -

Maria Diaconu

Maria worked in software development for more than 12 years, both locally and abroad. From Software Developer, Technical Lead & Manager to Agile Practitioner & Coach, Maria is supporting quality software, Software Craftsmanship and people passionate about their craft. She talks at conferences and organizes the OpenAgile Romania conference.

Due to her last years hands-on experience of helping product teams develop the right features in the shortest time, Product Owners to build successful products and owners/managers to

better organize their companies, she can help companies with: Agile adoption (thinking incrementally & iteratively, Scrum, Extreme Programming, Lean Software Development, Kanban & others), product planning, coaching for performance (managers, product owners and team leaders/facilitators/Scrum Masters) and lean management.

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